Kpax Brand and Web site production

When asked to come on board to create a new identity for KPAX a financial
services and software development company in London.  We where presented
with a range of obstacles to over come. The main challenge was to design
something that transcended the wide verity of European and Asian language and design
preferences.  The company had a rapidly growing presents across
Europe and in to the emerging markets of Asia.

The brief was to make a strong visual package that can adapt to different
markets and a wide range of format's from digital, print through to IOS
and android Apps

With the knowledge that the text was going to change depending on the territory.  
We stared with one question, how do we tell this story in one Image ?

Our approach as story tellers was to create a deeper understanding of the
type of personality we need to communicate too. No one on the team had
the fist clue about merchant banking, stock and currency traders.
So we retained the help of Steve Robertson, a 30 year veteran of the
Hong Kong banking industry, We are very grateful for his time and wisdom.

In retrospect, working for start up companies is always a challenge, The briefs are often ambitious.  
Things move quickly often with out the time to create cohesion in the face of apposing forces.

Art Director & Producer : Gareth Moon 
Research & Legal : Tommy James Walker 
tLead Designer : Rebecca Taylor -
Assistant Designer : Rachael Clark